European Art Quilt Foundation “Grande Finale” 1 July – 3 September 2017

Historisch Museum de Bevelanden, Zusterstraat 11, Goes, The Netherlands.

“The Historical Museum de Bevelanden in collaboration with the European Art Quilt Foundation has organised a unique exhibition of recent ART QUILTS and textile art of great variety from 18 European countries .  The participants are all artists who have exhibited their work during the past 25 years in one of the eight European Art Quilt Foundation’s exhibitions.  The exhibition is spread across all three floors of the building.  

Textile Art
The objects on show concern high level textile art from all parts of Europe. Therefore the  differences in culture, climate and tradition are clearly visible. The objects presented 
range from realism to abstract and from gentle to confrontational. It is a highly colourful exhibition showing two-dimensional work as well as three dimensional installations. With this exhibition the European Art Quilt Foundation certainly lives up to its objective of drawing attention to this form of ART.” 

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Rouge de Madras 2016

Rouge de Madras 2016 (50x50cm framed)

Harbour Wall 2016

Harbour Wall 2016 (90x90cm framed)


Pigment Landscape Coast 2017 – see photos on gallery sketchbook page

Edwardsville Art Centre (EAC) Illinois USA Sketchbook Show: 28 April – 19 May 2017



Katie Lochhead a second year MAF candidate from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville invited me to participate in the Sketchbook Exhibition she is curating having seen  my 2010 sketchbook entry from the Sketchbook Project Brooklyn Library

It has been a great opportunity to create a book specifically for the show titled Pigment, Landscape Coast where I have worked through ideas that have accumulated from my recent work exploring the use of natural earth pigments.

Below is Katie’s introduction and outline for the exhibition that focuses on the role of the sketchbook.

I have kept an active sketchbook for some years and am incredibly interested in the variety of ways in which sketchbooks not only prompt, but live alongside work. This show will look at the sketchbook not only as a means to make rough outlines for what larger work will look like, but as an independent, raw place to develop ideas, interests, and even “finished” pieces that exist only in this space. Katie Lochhead


Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2016:   13 June-21 August 2016

I was very excited and honoured that my artwork “Furnace Wood”  and “Climping Beach” were both selected for the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition in 2016.


Susie Koren -  Furnace Wood 2

Furnace Wood RA Summer Exhibition 2016 (sold)


Susie Koren

Climping Beach RA Summer Exhibition  2016 (sold)


The London Group Open 2015:  13-23 October 2015

Press release: The London Group Open 2015 – Selected artists announced

View Seven Exhibition: Menier Gallery, London 24-28 November 2015


 European Quilt Art VIII:  1 November 2015 – 5 March 2016


Winner of Fine Art Quilt Masters 2015  Prize 

“Gravitational Force 1687”  



Sketchbook Project 2010 now filed at Brooklyn Library New York :

link to my sketchbook:  Sketchbook Project Brooklyn Library

“Thousands of sketchbooks were exhibited in galleries and museums as they toured across the world in 2012.  They are now in the permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view: