Artist Biography

Susie Koren studied Interior Design at Chelsea School of Art in the early 1980s and is still a freelance interior designer working and living in East Sussex. Alongside her design practice she has dedicated time to develop her own personal textile artwork, with the tactile feel of the cloth and the meditative slowness of hand stitching being an integral part of her work.

Having been born in the Far East, grown up on the coast and now living on Ashdown Forest her early work was created using the batik technique and simple lines or text to interpret her research into traditional Eastern beliefs. Since developing a method of using natural raw pigment on cloth so that it remains tactile the surrounding landscape and coast have become her inspiration; the emptiness of bleak winter landscapes, stormy windswept beaches, marks in the sand, the groynes as man meets the sea, the repetitive rhythm of nature, the colours of the earth, old maps and the ancient lines drawn on the landscape by humans over the centuries.

In her work the pigment represents the story of the changing landscape and the stitching the lines drawn across it by thousands of year of cultivation.