Great to see my work hanging R.A. SummerExhibition

It is a real honour and amazing to see my two textile artworks hanging in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition alongside all the other incredible work at Varnishing Day yesterday.

The day started with a procession to the beautiful St James Church Piccadilly for the traditional Artist’s Service, a quiet time of reflection before returning to the Galleries at the Royal Academy of Art to view our work hanging for the first time.


Armed with a glass of champagne and the exhibition guide it was time to find my work whilst enjoying all the  rooms filled with other artists wonderful paintings.

Room VIII is where “Furnace Wood” is hung.    David Remfry from the RA Committee hung this room and I love his selection,   it’s been beautifully hung and the walls are not over crowded.   It was really interesting and fun to spend time discussing the hanging and selection process with him and other artists from the room.


“Furnace Wood” (above 3 portraits) RA Summer Exhibition Room VIII

Room IX next door is where “Climping Beach” is hung , although high on the wall it looks great and the detail is not lost, another beautifully hung room with work well spaced out on the walls.


“Climping Beach” (top centre)  RA Summer Exhibition Room IX

I am looking forward to Buyers Day on Thursday 9 June and then the Private Views 10-12 June before it open on 13 June to 21 August.





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